Tracy Nick

Business card design is a favorite of ours. So when the Make-Up Artist Tracy Nick came to us with this project, we were excited. Tracy has been "beating faces" and building her brand for years now and she deserved a business card that mirrors her success.


Tracy Nick is a Make-Up Artist/Entrepreneur from the “Windy City” Chicago. She recently graduated from Michigan State University in business. Throughout her entire college career she was known as the go to person for make-up. After years of “beating faces” and building her brand, she decided to go full-time and become the entrepreneur she was always called to be.

The Challenge

Even though Tracy’s skill set wasn’t new, her official professional brand was just being birthed. She needed a logo, a website, flyers, and so much more that comes with building a beautiful brand. Even though we could have pitched all of these things to Tracy at once, our team decided that we would take it one step at a time and start her off with her custom business card.


Our graphic design team went to work! We sat down with Tracy and found out all of her favorites; favorite colors, favorite fonts, favorite make-up, favorite make-up tools, EVERYTHING! We dove into her goals and visions and came up with plenty of great ideas. After designing over ten different designs, we decided that this custom, eye-catching business card best fit Tracy and the Tracy Nick brand.

*NOTE: Tracy loved her business card so much that she called us again to develop her website. We are currently in the building process and will be delivering her a fully responsive custom website soon.

Services Provided

Our Increase Design team provided the following services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Consulting
Tracy Nick
Make-Up Artist/Entrepreneur
I've been looking for a graphic designer that could give me the exact look and feel for my brand. The designers at Increase have definitely knocked my business card out of the park! Thanks Guys!

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