Kat Tat

Katrina "Kat Tat" Jackson, from VH1's Black Ink Crew: Chicago, came to us looking for portfolio styled website that would display all of her ink, art and lifestyle shots. We really enjoyed working with this talent out of Chicago.



Katrina Jackson, better know as “Kat Tat” from VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago, has become one of the top female tattoo artists in the nation. Kat came to us in need of a website. She wanted a personal site that would increase her brand awareness and create a Kat Tat culture.

The Challenge

Kat didn’t really have a direction for the perfect website. All she really knew was that she wanted a dark color palette. She needed a website that was as dynamic and creative as she was. She wanted a design that would display all of her ink, paintings, and her photo shoots. The biggest challenge we had was her request to have the site launched by the premier of her show Black Ink Chicago. That gave us about 5 weeks to plan, design, and develop.


In all honesty, this was one of our hardest builds… Because nothing we’ve ever done before was good enough for her. Her tattoos and paintings deserved better. This wasn’t just some model styled build. So after a 100 thinking hours, we came up with this beautifully built,dark, portfolio layout.

This website is a combination of a portfolio, resume, and diary. We made sure that all levels of art were displayed through its’ own page. We implemented a blog for Kat to post all of her thoughts, faves, and crafts. With every site build we make sure that it is fully responsive and optimized for search.

Kat Loved the finished product so much! She called us a blessing and she could not even imagine own a site like this. We think it’s safe to say that we’ve built another great relationship.

Services Provided

Our Increase Web Design team provided the following services:

Web Design
Graphic Design
Web Development

Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson
Tattoo Artist, 9Mag Tattoo Studio
I can't say enough about Increase. They delivered a website that I had no idea was even possible. They took what I've created offline and turned it digital and I LOVE IT!

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