Lester Jones, Trainer

Custom business card design is a favorite of ours. So when the Personal Trainer Lester Jones came to us with this project, we were confident that we could deliver what Lester was looking for.

Lester is a personal trainer out of the Detroit Metro Area. He came to us looking for a business card upgrade. His original card was made a few years ago, so he wanted to give it a facelift. Most of Lester’s clients are women so he wanted a business card that would cater to women looking to tone their bodies. With a small list of “must-haves”, Lester gave us full creative control of the new business card design.

Lester Jones
Personal Trainer
I like the fact that I told them to be creative & they designed my business cards exactly how I envisioned them. Very professional and punctual....I would recommend them to everyone with a business that want high quality professional work.

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