Logo, Identity System Design, + Portfolio Website Development for Construction Consultancy.


Blueprints for Design Architecture

Project Overview.

CDKM Consulting is a construction permit servicer. They bring extensive technical knowledge to the permit planning that provides seamless communication methods and builds relationships within each project team. They have processed hundreds of construction permits, ranging from medium to large developments, both commercial and residential. The client base ranges from real estate developers, architects to engineers. CDKM provides the extra effort and attention necessary for any new development to succeed in the challenging Washington, D.C., market.
CDKM Consulting came to our team looking to successfully establish their company as the go-to business for construction permit services. They needed a more memorable brand identity along with a stronger, more professional website that would increase the company’s brand awareness and perception.


An Established Brand Perception

Brand Identity Development.

CDKM Consulting has been servicing the construction industry since its’ inception in 2006. It was important to develop a brand identity that spoke to their long tenure and expertise. The brand aesthetic and website needed to communicate trust, longevity, and professional. All qualities of CDKM.
One of the most important assets for any business is a strong, user friendly website that will communicate your brand message 24/7. We designed and developed the CDKM website with one word in mind – “PROOF”. With so many successful projects, we needed to showcase the tangible results CDKM has contributed to the industry. So our web team put together a strong portfolio website full of case studies.
The website is built on WordPress CMS and possess custom design with fully responsive code, so viewing the website on any device leaves a great impression on the user.

The Deliverables:

Logo Design, Brand Identity System, Website Design + Development

Design Architecture Solutions That Moved the Needle For CDKM



Our team was able to deliver CDKM an established, trustworthy brand identity that complimented their industry expertise. We created a unique logo identity with a color palette that possesses a noble and trustworthy brand perception.
Altogether we strengthened the brand identity, created a more modern, intuitive, and mobile-friendly website that resulted in:

• 65% Increase in Mobile Conversions
• 32% Increase In Desktop Conversions
• Bounce Rate Decreased by 79%
• 47% Increase in Traffic
• Time on-site increased by 129%

Another Proud Project Complete.


We are very proud of the work we completed for CDKM Consulting. These are the projects we love and want to create. Have an idea and want to implement it? Need a forward-thinking team of creatives who can help you bring it to life?


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