A Bolder Rebrand for the Arts & Cultural Alliance Advancing its' Members in Southeast Michigan.


Rebranding The Arts & Culture Advocates

Project Overview.

CultureSource is a member association for non-profit arts and cultural organizations in Southeast Michigan. As a regional service organization, they do this work through hosting professional development workshops that grow creative and leadership capacities, presenting programs that provide space for exchanging ideas about arts and culture, and leading initiatives that bring together stakeholders interested in the public accessing creative expression.
CultureSource came to us with some very aggressive brand goals. They felt their current brand was not well-defined and needed to possess a much clearer, stronger, and BOLDER look & feel. They wanted a full rebrand along with migrating their current website from Joomla to WordPress for much easier website management. They felt their brand lacked strong design, digital marketing, and brand strategy. CultureSource felt that people did not understand what they do and their current brand assets were not communicating their value. Their goals were to better communicate their brand message, strengthen engagement, and increase brand awareness and reach. After making sure we fully understood the project goals and vision, our team took to work with strategy and design comps!


Developing a BOLDER + Brighter Branding System

Design + Development

It was important for CultureSource to possess a brand that really felt like them. Something that captured their spirit and all of the amazing things they are doing for their members and the entire Art & Culture sector. We landed on a bolder, attention-grabbing font type accompanied with a brighter, more vibrant color palette that fits the organization’s culture.
With a thorough strategy, we established an identity that the CultureSource team is proud to showcase. We completed the brand wit an entire identity system that included, signage, business cards, email signatures, presentation decks, newsletter templates, note cards, digital asset alignment, swag, and more; and we topped it all off with a website redesign that created an amazing lead generating, user experience that was on brand, on message, and on strategy.

The Deliverables:

Logo Identity Design, Brand Identity System, Website Design/Development, Content Creation, Email Marketing, + Social Media Marketing

Full Identity Design System Complete

End-to-End Design Solutions.


Once we established a logo identity, custom color palette, and typography, it was time to FLESH UP CultureSource’s entire design system. This means every piece of marketing communications they possessed needed a brand facelift to match the new identity.
Our design team collected all marketing collateral and redesigned it to fit the new look + feel. This included business cards, note cards, envelopes, letterheads, email newsletters, signage, swag, social media alignment, and online ads.

The Brand Experience CultureSource Deserves.


Since rebranding, CultureSource has received many compliments on the new look + feel. The team is proud to hand out brand collateral and look to send people to the new and improved website. CultureSource now has a brighter, bolder brand experience that will leave a lasting impression on anyone that comes in contact with it.

We are very proud of the work we completed for CultureSource. These are the projects we love and want to create. Need rebranding for your organization? Need a forward-thinking team of creative who can help you bring it to life?


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