Logo, Identity System Design, Packaging, + Website Development for eCommerce Activewear Brand.


Sky High Brand Evolution

Project Overview.

Skyscraper Collection is a luxury athleisure brand. SC was founded by owner, Treshon Lyniece, who prides herself in being a dedicated leader and motivational figure to those who experience discouraging times, setbacks and rejection through their journey of following their dreams. The definition of a skyscraper in human form “is one who overcomes obstacles and reaches for higher heights. Skyscraper Collections is more than just a brand it is a way of life and a mindset.
Treshon came to us to create a brand that communicates strength, confidence, and dream chasing to her customers. The brand needed a luxury, yet sporty brand identity, with a fully responsive eCommerce website that possessed a great user experience and fast checkout.


Luxury Athleisure & Sporty Aesthetic

Brand Identity Design.

New Heights needed to be hit for the branding. We need to make a logomark that embodied the spirit of the brand. We need to produce a luxurious, sporty brand identity. Which sounds like a tall task, but our amazing design team did it.
We went with a black, white, and gold color palette to communicate luxe, prestige, and exclusiveness. And for type, we decided on a sharp text to compliment the round logomark. We thought the two “danced well” together. Skyscraper Collections most certainly possess a strong, memorable, logo that we sought out to create. Once our design team established the logo identity, it was time to move on to the website and content creation!

The Deliverables:

Logo Design, Brand Identity System, Website Design, + Content Creation

A Skyscraper Web Experience.

Website Design + Development.


Once Skyscraper’s brand identity is established, our team took to the website experience. A strong eCommerce experience was vital for business awareness to grow. It was important for online shoppers to have a clear call-to-action buttons and fast checkout process. The website needed to stay on strategy, on brand, and on message.
We established an effective and efficient customer journey. From there, we move on to Information Architecture (sitemaps, wireframes, and project specifications) and User Experience. Simultaneously, our content team completed copywriting, imagery, email sequences, and editing required to fulfill the user experience. Once complete, we had a successful Launch!

Luxury Sport Brand Identity Ready to Take New Heights.


We are very proud of the work we completed for Skyscraper Collections. These are the projects we love and want to create. Have an idea and want to implement it? Need a forward-thinking team of creative who can help you bring it to life?


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